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Originally Posted by DrivenByE30 View Post
I haven't toyed with to many auto box, but the 8AT seems to be having a good behavior! Probably one of the best AT i've seen... but i am not very knowledgable on the subject so dont take my words for it... furthermore i dont really like AT anyways...

For me, the focus is on the 6MT, it's straight forward and much more rewarding!
Simple and no fuss about it ... no wonder the video is so short... (by the way, the driver didn't do the synchro 1-2 that well ... over reving :P

AT is like DSLR - democratizing and making sport driving accessible to everyone by allowing them to skip fundamental steps... a bit too gatget-ery.
MT is like SLR - you have more merit knowing and working the machine, the original pleasurable/engaging experience.

My current F10 535i has the 'same' 8speed autobox. It's very very good....
....for an autobox that is.

And it suits the bigger 5 series very very well.I've never owned a BMW that drives/is as unsporty as my current 535i.
I almost NEVER use the paddles, not even downshifting. Gearchange is fast.
But there is NO involement whatsoever imo...
All my former BMWs (seven!) before my current F10 were MTs and the cars before the BMWs too(Impreza GTT 555, Audi S3 etc.)

I could have chosen the autobox again(which is probably remapped to suit the more sportiness of the 3er F30 vs the more comfy F10 5er) , it's an option for FREE(and we Dutch are like the Scotsmen on that part LOL) but I just chose the 6MT...again.