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Originally Posted by ken1137 View Post
Nope...not involved with this debate. My education is CS, Engineering, & a Masters in Business. Just criticizing Quick6EF for telling another member they are full of shit b/c he reads a lot. Why not hold your breath and dont say anything unless you have something nice to contribute?

Just remember 'Correlation is not causal', so data you read may not be true but there to support the scientist handling the study. Do you believe in Global Warming ?
I like your head-in-the-sand routine.

I'm pretty sure Quick's motivation was that there are a ton of myths out there, and if you actually read into it, you can ingest > 60g of protein.

No one said correlation is causation. They studied the utilization of amino acids in the digestive track X hours after ingestion of protein, and compared a group that ate throughout the day vs a group that are in a 2-4 hour span. The p value came to a statistical significant that utilization was equal, which leads to the obvious conclusion that the human-body and digestive tract is not stupid and can hold more than 30-60g of protein (which if you actually help in your hand, is less than a fist-size).

As for global warming - the Koch bothers' funded research into proving that ClimateGate was a fraud ... only for the results to come back that there was no fraud.

But sure, somehow translate the ingestion of protein (obviously measurable with strict starts and ends) to climate change (lacking historical data, includes outside stimuli, etc).

I guess all your education did not teach you critical thinking. Or what an analogy is.