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Originally Posted by alexanderlt View Post
LOL.. Steering wheel one was the funniest!
same here!

Originally Posted by summall View Post
LOL. I like the handsfree trunk ad. Cute dog.
my second favorite if i had to choose.
The other 3 are meh...

Originally Posted by shicobico View Post
Sad. The new marketing slogan may as well say: We only make, one thing: The ultimate Toyota Corolla for young professionals and newly affluent families.

What happened to the ultimate driving machine? What does hands free trunk opening have anything to do with an ultimate driving machine? Reading texts? Comfort access? Cool and all, but too pedestrian and soccer-mommy oriented marketing for a brand that claims to make "ultimate driving machines".
see answer below :

Originally Posted by Shuttlegoose View Post
all of those new tech things matter now. For the enthusiast, which everyone here is, sure we want the most pleasurable car to drive. Well balance, fun, quick and so on. For the 99 percent of the population that isn't an enthusiast, they like cameras, and tech, and keyless. They still need to market the car to the overall population, not just us
couldn't say it better... for those of us, already convinced, there is no need for commercials... since we are already sold (or in my case, ordered the car :P)

BMW should make a commercial to thank all of its past and current customers show casing the true potential and the joy and the pleasure and enthusiasm provided by the ultimate driving machine...