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Originally Posted by ken1137 View Post
I cant believe I fell for are Quick6EF under a new user name. how many posts ? You have the same vocabulary and condescending tone. I dont have any proof b/c I'm not in this debate. I simply jumped in because you said not to believe what another member said as you have done numerous times. Just review all your posts and responses.

Sorry OP... Here is my response; Quick 6EF will say "Dont listen to him", but I have actual experience.

I do watch total calorie intake and work on muscle growth and cardio at the same time. I've gone from around 225lb to 200 lbs. I am a former D1 football player and have learned how to increase muscle mass while losing weight or maintaining...from some of the best trainers at Michigan, California, and DePapes. My % body fat is now around 12% down from over 20%. Keep in mind I am over 40 so thats pretty good. I had by body fat measured at 6% while in college (water tank) so my current %body fat is my best guess.

Cardio - everyday (bike 25 min), run 2x per week, foot drills 2x / week:
The best way to maintain mass at the same time is to fatigue your muscles but different areas each day. I do a 4 day split. Day 1: chest and tri's. Day 2: back and bi's 3: Shoulders 4: legs 5: day off.
note - each set is pyramid style with a peak at 80% of max wt. I also take at least one week off of weights each quarter.

Good luck and I apologize again. I'm a do'er not an internet Gym rat.

All I read was the first line; I'll take that as a compliment. SoloX2 is a smart dude! Glad we finally got some brains in this thread.

Ken, for being over 40 you sure have a lot to learn. You've been on this planet 16+ years more than I have, but yet you can't back up your claims with facts.

OP what you can conclude from all of this is that you need to keep a close eye on your caloric intake. Depending on your activity level, reduce your daily intake by ~350-500 and keep an eye on the scale. If you prefer the mirror, that works too.