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Originally Posted by DrivenByE30 View Post
Svache: It's probabbly for the same reason as Airplanes are required to have the green lights on their right wing and red on the left one...

for indication purpose at night, which way the car is heading ... etc..

anyways, i just caught an F30 out in the street for the first time... with my own eyes...
it was on Lake Forest street heading from the hills down to the 5

I just came back from lunch, and i saw a Modern Line 328i Imperial Blue in the vacinity area of Lake Forest, it might be heading to Irvine BMW or Crevier BMW ....

the car looks nice, but to the untrained eyes, no one would notice or even give it a second look it in the street...
it looks just like any other BMWs...

I like that...
Did you notice that it was F30 right away or did it take you awhile to recognize it? Did you mistake it for another BMW model at first (E90 or F10)?