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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
I saw the 135L images. Canon went with their sharpest lens for a reason, I guess. Still, one was at 1600 ISO and had zero visible noise.

I was just reading a review of the D800. The images are 76.5MB in size. Buying that camera would mean you'd have to buy a high-end workstation to use PS with the images. And *lots* of storage space.
other images were shot with a 600mm F4 and a 400mm 2.8

so as top of the line as you can go pretty much.

76.5MB that's massive gonna take a while to load

I think todays computers should be able to do it, at least with quad cores and such.

Will be interesting to see the effects.

People have been shooting 60megapixel medium formats for a while and post processing them on computers we've had out for a few years.

But this is why I say, "go PC over laptop" or "go Mac over Macbook" as they have less programs just keeping them alive, so their resources are put to better use.

Also, as Chewy has figured out, the SSD hard drives will make a great buffer for images of this size i suspect.

The main expense now is going to be memory cards!!! They will get filled fast!