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Originally Posted by isdith08 View Post
Have to be honest , The first interior ( buff or tan )
looks very very very cheap... the second looks better.
Not a big fan of the new body style. .... The front grill works on the z series and the 7 ... the 5 series can be missed in a sea of other like mid size sedans..
the 6 is a nice improvement but forced... I think I am a pretty good judge considering I have owned all cars in the bmw line up with the exception of the Z and the X series... But as always I will stay true fateful to the brand because after all it is BMW... the ultimate driving machine \\\
Just because you've owned so many BMW models it doesn't make you "a pretty good judge". It makes you biased, maybe.

Looks are always subjective and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are no experts or pretty good judges.

I, for example, find the F30 very good looking inside and far from pictures. On the other hand, I disliked the exterior of the new 6er right from the first pictures and still dislike it after seeing it the flesh plenty of times already. It is just plain ugly. The new 1-series is also ugly. Both models are probably the ugliest BMW models ever and the only ones I don't like.