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Originally Posted by matrix76 View Post
Yes, this looks like a pretty lame comparison, F30 vs pre LCI lowered E90, . I mean really, why did you waste your time with this and for those who think the E90 looks "dated" it could with comparison. If you want a comparison do it with the out going model, a stock 2011, like for like. And post the spec numbers that go along with it. Do an honest "Apples to Apples" comparison, thats what we need to see IMHO, not this shit,
I think you are a bit harsh, but I agree with the point you made. I wonder, if it isn't the interest of a car owner website like this one to portray the new model in a maximally positive light. In order to maintain and even increase traffic, it is obviously necessary that a lot of people buy the new model, and those people join this forum. So why not tell them what they want to hear?