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BMW F30 Moscow Launch Presentation

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Hello from Russia!

Here some videos from Moscow presentation of new 3 series.

Audio visual installation by SILA SVETA (

Official part

Sorry for video quality, it was taken with my iphone4.

Here some photos from presentation.

All generations of 3 series (except new F30) lined up
Name:  01.jpg
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Installation scene when light is on and after cars were uncovered
Name:  02.jpg
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During the show cars were under white covers
Name:  03.jpg
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All visuals were created by these huge projectors
Name:  04.jpg
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Name:  207772560 (1).jpg
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Name:  207772596.jpg
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Name:  05.jpg
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Name:  06.jpg
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Name:  207772625.jpg
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320d Sport line
Name:  07.jpg
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Name:  08.jpg
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Modern line
Name:  09.jpg
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And Luxury line
Name:  10.jpg
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Some photos are not mine. You can see more photos here.

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