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Originally Posted by Alex D View Post
Excerpt of the InsideLine tests of the 335i ... my initial thoughts exactly
Still, the 335i acquits itself surprisingly well on a race track, with great body control, lots of grip, and brakes that are easily up to the task -- even at Laguna Seca, a track notoriously hard on brakes. Unfortunately, the 335i's competition is close by in the rear-view mirror.
And no, we don't mean Audi. Or Infiniti. Or even Mercedes-Benz. We're talking about the 328i -- the new four-cylinder, entry-level 3-series. The 328i can be had for some $7500 less, and its overachieving four-cylinder puts out only 60 fewer horsepower and a mere 40 fewer lb-ft of torque. Weighing more than 150 lb less, BMW says it's only 0.3 to 0.5 seconds less swift to 60, and it feels like the gap is even smaller.
More importantly, the lighter 328i clobbers the 335i in the corners. We considered the 335i to be the on-track benchmark of the near-luxury sport sedan segment -- until we drove the four-cylinder. The 335i turns in with rubbery reluctance and then settles into mild understeer. The 328i does nothing of the sort -- despite what feels like more body roll from behind the wheel, the four-cylinder Bimmer throws itself at corners like teenage girls at Justin Bieber: with controlled wags of the hips and a breathtaking amount of confidence. The 335i might still be a better corner carver than its chief rivals, but it's no match for the 328i.
They tell it like it is. Fair enough. On the other hand: When I traded in my rather 'lightweight' N52 330i for the N54 335i there wasn't that much of a difference in the weight upfront. And the V8 in my former M3 didn't feel as totally understeered as well. OK that's an ///M, I know.

The 1M of a Advevo definitely felt more crisp and agile than the E90 M3. And that's a N54. Concluding: The N55 in the 335i won't be an understeered pig either, which my current 535i F10 actually is....