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Originally Posted by JohnMan View Post
I agree HK is a mature market and was used as a "beachhead" for many auto brands looking to expand into China.....The Hong Kong market is more traditional in their tastes, more "Western" if you will.

More "Western" cos the main brand building exercises by various brands were mostly done during the 60's/70's/80's, when China wasn't even a blip on the radar. The main objective was to establish the brand locally & both Mercedes & BMW did successfully during that time.
Nowadays a lot of local HK car buyers are either Western educated or have lived overseas, therefore local consumer tastes are very mature.
HK is still the beach head for marketing new products as local HKers are seen to be very receptive of new techs/styles. As a matter of fact, the HK is one of the initial launch markets for the F30 in Asia.