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Originally Posted by e92stance View Post
You guys can say what you want about the new f30....but I just saw the new f30 335 at Princeton BMW (NJ) earlier tonight and it is terrible! The interior looks like an Acura, and even with it being like was actually the best part of the car! The front is terrible, the headlights are terrible.....smh Thank you BMW for ruining the 3. Long live the e9x because you made it so much more desirable!!! the wheel gap seems like 2 inches higher....guess im going to either get an e9x M or another n54 335!
You're probably the only here who differs in opinion. BMW isn't interested in satisfying EVERYONE. It is business and it truly means revenue. I absolutely love the design and I really think E9x looks extremely dated - especially the interior. That said, I respect your opinion and I guess to each their own.