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Thanks for sharing! If there was one event like this in the states... it would have been packed ... but then again... why would there be one in the State, either you like the BMW 3 or you just hate it... there is no need to convince nor win anyone over.. its just another car among so many others... transportation in Asia is still something reserved only to the most priviledged, and a young market full of competition to win for the image... each car maker has still the chance to anchor their image and reputation among the elite, and by extension the desire of the common people....
This is not true for mass market at all. (to the point of “the most priviledged”) China PV sales volume was 18mm units in 2011, having surpassed US a couple of years ago. While, luxury segment (like BMW, MB and Audi) is somehow layback contributing a small portion so far (but need to bearing mind that from the the absolutely prospective, BMW sold 240k units in China in 2011, very quite closer to 305k in USA during the same year. BMW expects the China will surpass USA in 2012 in terms of total units sold)