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Originally Posted by Jon D View Post
To me it's a classic case of mending something that wasn't broken. The screen in my F10, like my old E92, is incorporated into the dash and, apart from the fact that it gives a neat flowing look, it's cowled by the surrounding plastic and is far less susceptible to glare.
I've had extensive test drives in the new F12 & 13 6 series and glare is a significant problem, especially in the convertible.
It looks like it should retract, but as it doesn't, it has the appearance of an afterthought.
I also wonder how many opportunistic thieves, thinking it's removable, will throw a brick through the side window in order to steal it.
+ 10000000........I have seen it in person and I still think it looks stupid. And I bet glare is going to be an issue. I dont care what kind of technology is in the screen, the sun's brightness is going to win. Cell phones have all sorts of super duper screens on them that is supposed to allow you to use them in direct sunlight, and they all still suck!
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