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Originally Posted by JohnMan View Post
But for the vast mainland market, many automakers nowadays (including BMW) don't really need to establish a HK "beach-head" first I still think. The American automakers don't sell in the HK local market yet they are doing quite well in the mainland. They can conduct market research directly on the mainland without having to go through HK.
BMW is already well established in PRC & the hard work was done abt 10yrs ago.
American automakers didn't sell in HK cos apart from Cadillac, the rest (Chevrolet & Buick) are not exactly premium brands. Cadillac did try to sell their STS in HK but it was not a success. In actual fact the Americans have it much easier cos brands such as Buick are already well established since the 1930's. Also GM China's products are all tailor made for local consumption hence no need to go thru HK.