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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
It seems like fps will be a low priority issue for Mark.

Even with limitless fps I'd recommend shooting in bursts of three to five, unless you're trying to put together a series of something like a biker jumping a log, or a skateboard trick, etc., then you might press the button down and hold it for a second or so. That's pretty rare in sports and wildlife. (I did a series of a deer jumping a fence once).

ISO 800 is child's play with the 5D2. Think more like 3200 and 6400 and you'll be liberated. Still, as shown above, the 7D is no slouch at ISO 6400.

agreed, there really isn't a lot of instances since I stopped shooting friends horse jumping where I use much of the 7D speed. Last time I used it was around Christmas when my Nephew was tobogganing, even then, it wasn't really even pushing the limits.

I'm very curious about the 5DIII however, if it is faster with a better focus, and better pixel pitch, It would be very desirable.

Not sure any of the 1Dx attributes really appeal to me at this point other then high FPS bragging rights.

But I also don't have any super telephotos or teleconverters that I rely on.