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Thanks, guys. The T1i will be staying for the time being as a second body, so there will be no loss as far as EF-S lenses and SD cards go. The guy with the 30D for sale on CL just disappeared off the face of the earth once we started talking about meeting up. Not sure what the deal was there.

If I knew the MkIII was 3 months or 6 months away, I would wait. But who knows when that'll be announced. Waiting is often self-defeating. And with my luck, they won't announce the MkIII until the day after I buy another body anyway. Witness my crappy luck with buying a 7D. They sit at ~$1350 for months while I save up and then jump to $1600 right as I'm ready to buy. That's why I don't dabble in the market. I have the reverse Midas touch.

I think maybe I'll bite the bullet and rent a 7D and then a MkII just to see. It'll be pricey, but at least I'll have a better idea of which one works for me. I see good things with both of them. And maybe, if my luck changes, the MkIII will be announced in the meantime.

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