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Originally Posted by rideontwo View Post
On a separate note. I am getting the impression that BMW is going soft in the suspension department in general. 1st-This new car is longer, 2nd-It still has the crappy run flats, 3rd-Essentially the same suspension as the E90, 4th-Steel stamped components in the rear. Seems like we are really getting less but paying more and BMW is laughing all way to the bank.
BMW has always carried over suspension. They used the same basic front suspension design on the E30, E36 and E46 - that spans 1982 through 2006. The E36 and E46 share the same rear suspension design, they even share some of the exact same parts. The E90 took the front and rear suspension from the E8X 1 Series - they share every single part I believe.

Same with the current cars. The F30 uses the exact same set of suspension arms (front & rear) as the F20 1 series.