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Got the car on the lift, unfortunately we didn't have our DSLR at the time so please bear with the crappy iphone pics. Read post #25 here for more details:

Bumper off and up on the lift we go

Engine bay fully naked

Intercooler coming out, upgraded FMIC coming soon!

Pulling out the rear diff, car's going to need an LSD for sure after we're done with it

What's up guys, as some of you may know, Evolution Racewerks just picked up a brand new F30 328i a couple of days ago and we're definitely wasting no time in starting the production of performance parts for the car.

Why a 328i and not a 335i? Well the 335i has the carryover N55 engine from the E90 LCI so most of our existing products will carryover, albeit with some modifications for fitment. The 328i, however, is brand new and we know the 328i guys will be itching for mods very soon so we are doing our best to get you guys covered asap

Any who, without further ado, here are the pictures!

That is one long, black, chargepipe.

Airbox removed, look at that 160 degree bend. Talk about restriction.

Needs a CF engine bay cover.

That is one big fat catalytic converter lurking in there.

This may look like an oil cooler, but don't be deceived, it's actually a radiator.

Car is going on the lift today and we'll be pulling off the front bumper to start R&Ding. Expect a full range of products for the N20 including, but not limited to, front mount intercooler, chargepipe, downpipes, oil coolers, and much more. Coilovers and a range of cosmetic mods are coming soon as well so stayed tuned for more updates!

Some pics of the F30 with our 135i race car and John's E90

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