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Originally Posted by mikikuki7 View Post
I just got my Melbourne Red this past friday and I can drive the car find, but the radio, computer, nav, restart itself every 2 minutes. I took it to the dealer and they don't know what it might be. They told me to take it tomorrow so they can call BMW in Germany, but I wonder if it is something bad... Can anyone help?
This is a bit discouraging, since I thought this problem was fixed in 2010. My 2009 (first year of new and improved iDrive) started having this problem fairly early on, eventually preventing me from using the nav, radio, or any function controlled primarily by iDrive.

Ultimately I had to have the entire iDrive replaced by the dealer due to a fatal error with the CPU. Apparently the Microsoft CE (?) processor in my system was identified as one that was prone to failure and was no longer being used by BMW after MY09. Since the replacement in April of 2010 I've had absolutely no problem with the system. Hopefully yours won't get to that level of crapitude, but any time that system resets without warning and you get that temporary red screen it is usually a sign of something that will get gradually worse. Good luck and please keep us posted (my F30 on order has nav also and I hope this is not going to be a problem again).
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