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I was told today that they got a call from BMW in Germany and that they have to get a "radio head" because it's not working fine, my sales person which is now my friend he is trying everything to help me, i LOVE they car! So, I'm just going to wait, but the start/stop is not working and it's consuming tooooooo much gas! I do have a complain about the service, they scratched my Black Gloss trim! so they are going to change it. oh well... I feel sad tho, It doesn't feel new anymore. ha
That sucks
Wow - sorry to hear it man. Look at it this way, if they attempt to fix it 5 times and it's still an issue (even if that takes 12-18 months) it will qualify as a lemon and you can get all of your money back.

That was my experience in California with my E90 related to the turbo issues.