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Originally Posted by mikikuki7 View Post
nah, i got upset at BMW, told the general manager that I had just paid 55k for the car and i didn't want it because the installation guy scratched the black gloss trim and didn't put the radio back how it was supposed to. So, with that on my side, I told me to switch the car and I got another red one with more options, for 4k more i got a fully loaded 335i im happy now lol.

Oh, and it was going to take 4 weeks to fix it, plus they were going to give me quite a few high performance accessories, but I declined! I just wanted to enjoy my car!
Way to go!! They did the right think and Im sure that you are more than ecstatic. As I have grown older I simply do not take poor customer service or no for an answer. Great job, enjoy your car.