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Has the 5GT really sold better than the 5 Touring did over a similar period in the US when it was available? I have to wonder about that. For it to be a meaningful comparison, you'd have to consider the period when the 5 wagon was new, not just before it was discontinued in favor of the GT.

Also, the fact is that BMW is committed to bringing the F31 3 series wagon to the US, so clearly there are enough sales to justify selling wagons here. I suspect BMW will sell the 5 wagon in the US again one day, though probably not the F11 generation.

As for other countries, specifically China, according to SCOTT that is where the GT is really selling.

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Wagons look gross. GT > Wagon. America doesnt take well to wagons. They have a negative stigma as a soccer-mom / boring type of car. Americans like NEW (and not always practical, think X6) stuff.

Why do you think the 5GT has sold better than the 5Touring?

However, I dont know about any other countries
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