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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Has the 5GT really sold better than the 5 Touring did over a similar period in the US when it was available? I have to wonder about that. For it to be a meaningful comparison, you'd have to consider the period when the 5 wagon was new, not just before it was discontinued in favor of the GT.

Also, the fact is that BMW is committed to bringing the F31 3 series wagon to the US, so clearly there are enough sales to justify selling wagons here. I suspect BMW will sell the 5 wagon in the US again one day, though probably not the F11 generation.

As for other countries, specifically China, according to SCOTT that is where the GT is really selling.
Exactly, China would buy anything right now... especially anything with a name brand on the bootlid!

China does not have the heck of a reference as far as what cars are supposed to be... you can sell them anything with BMW or Buick, or MB, or VW, or Audi on it, they will buy it... the more expensive the better just as long as you seem to be rolling or ballin'! (Lambo or Ferrari etc ...)

As for us, we are cheaper and more picky! we want our cars a certain way only... and the GT just does not fit the bill as well as the Wagon ...