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Believe it or not the 5er GT has its market as a low volume production model as it was always intended to be. The 5er GT is due for its LCi soon and BMW will introduce it the 550d and 525d which will (in 525d) expand its options further in europe.

Most people fail to understand the appeal of the 5er GT , especially that it is car designed from the inside out and that shows in its very luxurious interior. Which is a very satisfying place to be in if you are ever in the rear. I was surprised on some trips around Europe that some hotels and establishments (Nothing to do with BMW) have the GT as a shuttle and limousine which is highly understandable. Because there is no other vehicle in its class that offers this level of luxury and refinement.

The comments about the GT are mainly specific - Because it is always mentioned that the car has not sold as well in the US whilst they ignore the markets the car is doing well in - mainly BRIC markets. In China , for example some see the GT as an even more exclusive 5er Li , besides one thing I do find disappointing is that there is a forum for the GT here @ Bimmerpost that shows that there is a customer base for this car , even in the US.
But again because of the "Specifics" they are drowned out by the negativity.

The 3er GT is based on the Chinese market 3er Li but with its modular chassis - a section has been removed to accomodate the GT and the 4er Gran Coupe. The 3er chassis is available in short-mid-extended wheelbase options. The 3er GT is a more euro-centric car and will be available with BMW's sublime four cylinder diesel and petrol engines aswell as six cylinders. The 3er GT aims to bring that level of exclusivity as seen on the 5er GT to the entry class.
Appearance wise it mixes the 3er and 5er GT , unfortunately the winter tyres make the car look heavy but it looks a lot better and in proportion on larger wheels. The 3er GT is also the first BMW model to be equipped with a pop-up rear spoiler.
Again like the 5er GT it is low volume but extremely profitable as the 5er GT.
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