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Originally Posted by svache
Originally Posted by MacAttackBMW View Post
Wow - I don't live in the Netherlands but bigger drive and screen sure sound worth it
The Netherlands are a benefit and a downside at the same time. The benefit is that they can still order almost everything option, instead of having to choose packages like we have to (for example, if we have nav, we couldn't even get the smaller screen, even if we wanted to), but the downside is, they pay a lot more for everything (mostly because of taxes).
Yep the taxes are a big problem in the Netherlands, if i want to buy a 335i i might as wel buy a 5 series. If i would order a 335i with the same options as my f30 320i, i would pay over 65.000 euros. And a 528i touring would cost me 68.000 euros.

But i sure hope that with coding or a software update the sport display will also word on the business nav