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Originally Posted by Soorena View Post

Yeah. We want Z4 M, M3 CSL, M6 CSL but instead we get these crappy looking GT cars. Why? because BMW thinks those cars mentioned above don't make enough profit but an ugly POS like 5GT does, which infact it doesn't.
The 5GT is not a POS, it does bring profit to BMW... in China, just not in the US unfortunately.

I would love to own that 5GT if i had the means.

Originally Posted by PostModernHero View Post
A stigma is what you make it. Personally... I see no such stigma in a nice looking wagon. However, I DO see a stigma with all the fat-assed SUVs and mini-vans that choke parking lots everywhere. Things like the X3, look like they are wearing a loaded diaper. Every DAMN thing looks like a mini van and I'm sick of it!!! LOL

A nice, low-slung wagon does NOT look like a minivan. And I can haul my gear when I need to...
I am sorry that you misunderstood me, but i dont make that stigma...
i am trying to undo the stigma...
I am pro wagon and anti SUV myself... just like you...

I just find it unfortunate that people are dis-missing the wagon in favor of the false sense of security that is brought by the elevated ride of SUV...

I would prefer a low car that can avoid accident over the higher center of gravity of the SUV...

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