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Originally Posted by DrivenByE30 View Post
Honestly i would love to own and to have a 5GT
but 3GT ?? do not compute...

3 Series - everyone can get some love
3 Series Touring- Active Family - Dad still a driver enthusiast - Mom prefer the lower ride - Modern Traditional Cool Soccer Mom Station Wagon.
X3 - Modern SUV Soccer mom who could not afford the X5
3 GT - GrandPa GrandMa who occasionally need to haul the grand kids.

5 Series - execs and Milf and the next best thing after the 3 series, people who have graduated from the 3 series
5 Series Touring - Cool Active Family who are open to wagon and who do not see the bad stigma that is sadly still associated with the "traditional Station wagon"
5 GT - a short limousine riding high I love it personally, and would love to own it!
X5 - Soccer Wives and Arrived Soccer Moms
X6 - Very active young rich small family! or Cool Dudes

6 Series GC - High class luxury who do not want to be seen in an "old's person" 7 series
people who would consider the x6 but it just too out-there for them, the 6 GC offer the exclusivity and yet the "traditional 4 door" look, in a much much cooler and desirable sexy way

4 series GC - for those people who could not afford the 6 GC

i hope this clarifies a bit the market BMW is trying aim for with each model...
you are more than welcome to modify and amend to it...
Out of these models I don't like and don't understand the purpose of 3GT, 5GT, X6, 6er GC and the future 4er GC.