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F30 Colours. Or "colors" if you're American at home.

Whenever building the F30, I always went straight to Imperial Blue Xirallic because it looked good! After seeing it in the flesh and being in an Imperial Blue 328i, it is a nice colour but then I saw a Glacier Silver F30 and thought that looked even better! It looks better on the configurator too so I have attached 2 screen shots. Apart from personal taste, there are 2 problems I see with Imperial Blue. Firstly, it will be a bitch to keep clean as dark colours notoriously are and our Imperial Blue test car did look a bit dull and dirty after only 250mls on the clock! This is a real concern for me as the car is high mileage at around 27,000 a year. The second problem is that it didn't look metallic or particularly shiny but then it wouldn't - its xirallic. So for me, the metallic Glacier Silver is a more practical option and more aesthetically pleasing. I think. What do you reckon?

I did think about Mineral Grey but I don't think it would look right on my car. I think only the Sport Line with the 397's can pull that off.

What colour's are you looking to get a 3 Series in? Would be interesting to see which seems to be most popular. And least popular!
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