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Originally Posted by 90degreeman View Post
I am already having a remorse for ordering 335i Sport in Mineral Grey has already been produced. I think White/Black/Blue looks much better now Darn it...
The mineral gray is a nice color. I think it's just a shade too dark though.
It will go great with a red interior as it will make the interior really stand out.
Plus, the red interior makes the anodized dark red dash trim piece look very nice as it suits that color combo. In pictures the red trim piece looks very red, bright. But, in reality it's actually a dark red and looks nice

I don't think you made a mistake. That dark gray suits this new 3 as a luxury color. Overall, I think the new colors are lacking. It seems all the colors are too dark. And then BMW removed the non metallic red, which I LOVE. There needs to be a brighter blue, and a nice metallic shade of green is also missing. The color choice is just lacking overall.