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Haha, the reason why I got the 328 instead of the 335 isn't as philosophical as many of you would think. I reserved a much less optioned out 328 a couple of weeks ago. Then, partly due to the long wait, I became antsy and added all the options. If I had to do it again, I'd probably go the same way. I would rather have the options instead of going for the 335 with less, regardless of if the 335 costs only a little more.

Now, to the debadging. This refers to the model number in the rear. I believe all American vehicles are produced without the model line on the side. I lived in Bayern for a bit and maybe 5% of the cars had something other than the company badge on the back. I became used to it, and I like it. Surprisingly, Audi's are all over the road compared to BMW's ... much different than upstate NY where I grew up.

Now, the only decision I have left is to decide whether to switch to an everest gray interior as compared to the black. I think the lighter interior would contrast well with the darker exterior. My only concern is that the inside would be a little too dull .... I kind of wish that the car would go into production so that all of the configurations would be locked in haha