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Originally Posted by justinnum1
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I'm sorry, but don't get those bulbs. Bimmian overcharges for EVERYTHING.

If you go to, you can get their 18-LED bulbs that will fit these cars for $50 ( And you can get the 23-LED version for $60 (

If you're willing to spend $70, get something that will blow both lower-end HPB products, and the overpriced Bimmian product out of the water. Get the 7.5 Watt LED bulb (in amber here and in white here and they will be SOOO much brighter than the cheaper bulbs. No one else sells those 7.5 Watt turn signal bulbs by the way.

HPB has a great reputation over on E90Post for having rock-solid HID kits that won't throw errors, and they have an almost perfect track record on the pick 06/07 models too. Everything I've bought from them (interior kit for my car + friend's cars, AE's, turn signals, etc.) has exceeded my expectations, and their customer service is incredibly helpful for an extremely small business.
Interesting, i have not ordered yet, thanks for this! My 3 concerns are
-will it throw a code?
-how hot will the get, they are made for turn signlas, ut being DRL's they would be on for a while
-how easy to install? i got into the area i need to install and its tight as hell in there

also. what would the return policy be? i will be calling this new place tomorrow, thanks again!
1. Will it throw a code? It didn't throw a code on E92 Pre-LCI's, and E90 LCI's w/ halogen lights (both cars use these as running lamps) it shouldn't throw a code (newer BMWs are much less picky with aftermarket bulbs--still will throw bulb-outs on cheap/non-canbus bulbs) but I cannot personally guarantee you it will not throw one. However, they have a very forgiving return policy, so if it does, no harm-no foul as they say...
2. They will certainly get hot, but they're clearly designed for it--note the all-aluminum construction. It won't get nearly hot enough to melt the housing, that's for sure.
3. I haven't seen an F30 yet (might be going on a test drive tomorrow though!!) so I can't say for sure; however, I bet there will be plenty of room--just pop the hood and take a look!