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Originally Posted by justinnum1
Originally Posted by Entropic Artist View Post
Fantastic review! Now we can have a big party! 328i got great reviews but 335i was set in the backburner by the media - until now. I could care less about 4.7s claim...what I care about is that it is going to be fun to drive and ohhhhhh that engine noise!

I am picking up mine in a few days and going to write a short review

Justinuum1 - are you happy with the mineral grey choice? I have picked the same color for my 335i.
mineral grey is tits, here are some new pics i took today(iphone 4s had a great camera) washed her on saturday

Last pic is from inside a docs office looking out at the front end and i realized for the first time how truly sexy that front end is

That car and colour combo are beautiful. I have to be honest though.. That license plate assembly...disgusting! :'(

Sry dude