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Originally Posted by Q4P View Post
Are you really comparing a car that weighs 500 lbs less in terms of performance? LOL The knowledge on this forum amazes me at times.

As far as 0-60 times are concerned, different situations will get different results which is why 0-60 times are not a good way to judge performance. Any sort of incline change, tire change, traction issue, style of launching and temperature will all have to do with 0-60 times. Trap speeds at the end of the 1/4 mile are the only relevant ways in comparing 2 vehicles performance in that regard, the 335i is 5-6 MPH faster than a 328i (which is a huge difference).
Sorry for being ignorant , sir. I won't do that again, I promise you.

F30 335iAT 0-200kmh :20.4s
F10 535iAT 0-200kmh: 21,8s

That's less difference than the 328i vs 335i.

Think about it!

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