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Originally Posted by Michael Schott View Post
0-60 tests are designed to get the best results not the most repeatable results or the results you and I would get. They find the optimal revs that won't spin the tires and with an AT brake torque to that point and dump the brake and mash the throttle at the same time. With a MT they find the right revs, dump the clutch and mash the throttle. They also often correct for humidity and elevation.

We spend a lot of time here gnashing our teeth over 0-60 times but what's relevant for most of us in the real world is the feel we get in the seat of our pants. Nothing more.
I agree, there's more to a car than 0-60. That said, I'm a consumer who likes to be informed accurately and I think we can all agree with that can't we? Look, to me, and if you take a moment to think about it, to most people, 0-60 means you take your foot off the brakes and press the gas.

All this stuff with roll out, or torque breaking is great, I suppose, but they should also just include a normal 0-60. Its really not asking for much.