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Originally Posted by JoeyO View Post
I don't understand the whole white indicator bulbs thing. Isn't that illegal in the USA? Are people that desperate for attention? That would be very very distracting to my eyes if I ever saw that on the road. Individualism should never be achieved at the expense of the public's safety, IMO. It falls in the same category as people who put those annoying blue bulbs in the headlights or put neon ground effects under their cars.
Well, actually I mostly quoted that particular one because of how the LED's look compared to the regular bulbs, not so much for the color of the LED's. Basically I could have quoted one of the others as well, it's just that he was the first with a video

And yep, it is illegal from what I know but so are the amber colored ones if they are not DOT approved (well, at least here in Hawaii). If it really makes a big difference in safety, I don't know. I do know the video stated that it is dramatized so it might not be as bright as it looks in the video.

Either way, once I get my F30, I am going to order amber ones, not the white ones. Take, for example, the indicators in the mirrors, those are amber colored too, if the ones up front all the sudden are white, it's going to look very odd imo.
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