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Originally Posted by jtuds View Post
I wish the BMW was able to show you more between the tac and speedo. Merc displays a lot of info you can use your dial but don't have to look to the side, you just look down....might be helpful

In any case, touch screen isn't that good...we have it in our is confusing and distracting, not user friendly.
Is it Toyota's Entune system? Or at least the new satnavs with that in them? I found it very intuitive. I test drove that before I saw that the 328i was in my price range and figured it out immediately.

Originally Posted by Raspartan View Post
Well you can practically do that today with the F30, within limits. Based on what's available on mobile phones, you can see that it's just getting better all the time. It seems to me that vehicle manufacturers seem to adopt (and update) this kind of technology somewhat reluctantly though.
Originally Posted by jtuds View Post
I agree....which is odd. You'd think they'd be inclined to lead the pack. In this day and age I don't see another application for voice commands that's as prominent as in a vehicle.
The problem with that is that the technology on phones cheats. They don't actually do the interpretation on the phones. It records your voice, uploads the sound clip to a massive server cluster with massive decision-making databases running extremely complex algorithms interpret what you said, decide what you meant, and send the result back to the phone. Google is probably more than willing to offer this to BMW, but it will be more expensive on the cellular data side. Not to mention Google's voice recognition isn't as good as Apple's. Even then, it's not quite that simple. For example, the Watson supercomputer was programmed specifically to play jeopardy. Getting voice recognition to operate reliably is extremely hard to do even when you're tooling it to a specific purpose with a specific set of actions.