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Originally Posted by rteichman View Post
As another data point I have had 3 3 series BMWs. Each one bought as a CPO with about 30,000 miles and sold when the warranty expired at around 98,000 miles. I drive a lot and put a lot of miles on the car so I wanted to always make sure it was under warranty. For me it is a comfort since I never had a major warranty issue (unlike a Merc E Class that was in the shop every month I owned it). In any event my only cost has been tires, brakes, and oil changes. Also by buying CPO, the cost of depreciation has always been minimal (about $6,000 per year and that is with putting 30,000 miles a year on the car)
Interesting - since I intend on eventually keeping an F30 from new and running it into the ground over 20 years, I'm curious - what prompted you to sell the cars at 98,000 miles? Did you just fancy something else, or is the risk of breakdown just unacceptable to you? From what I understand of what these cars are capable of they probably had at least another 100k miles of life on them, possibly 200k miles. Sure, repair costs would have started to bite, but I doubt it'd have cost more than the $6k /year depreciation.