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Originally Posted by BMW_Boy7 View Post
I've been doing alot of research on these beautiful cars, ranging from the 328, 335, to the M3. I've seen numerous arguments about some owners trying to get away from paying for gas(can I put in 89 or 87 ), but nobody's perfect right? So to the original question, over the course for your bimmer what has been the total cost in repairs? The most you had to shell out at once? This soo called No-Cost Maintenance how extensively are things covered? The most embarrassing question, how often did u have to bring her in? Thx for the input n advice.
1. Repair costs? None. But i don't keep any car past warranty. Not b.c I'm worried about the car. More b.c i get bored easily.

2. The most i had to shell out? $1000 on tires. Don't get rtf.'s imho. Ride is worse than normal tires and way more expensive.

3. Everything is covered that you don't cause.

4. Barely. had stupid issues on my 03 325i (wiper motor, window regulators; etc). Took about 3 days. Had a 528xi loaner the whole time.