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Nice, the 0-100 factory time is 5.7 for the 335i

Again, I'm not ragging on the new 335i. It was fact though that the opening statement pointed that new 335i is as fast as the 335is which is just not true which is what I was pointing out (unless you do torque braking every time that resulted in the time). That won't help you at rolling start or higher speed acceleration.

Also the 335is has 370 Torque overboost.

"This new one actually accelerates at the same pace as the 320-horse, 332 lb-ft 335is -- the one with two turbos and a fast-shifting twin-clutch transmission."

I still question setting a benchmark from just torque braking that makes up for 20HP, 70 Torque, faster DCT shifts and got 0-60 in 4.7 which is an average 0-60 for the 335is.

The factory claim on the 335is for example was;

0-100 km/h (s) or 0-62Mph: 5.3

Compared to factory claim on new 335i

0-100 km/h (s) or 0-62Mph: 5.7

So in this case if someone pulled a 5.1 on the 2012 then that is .6 better than the factory claim. The bottom line is that the new 335i gets the same if not better performance as the old at better MPG which is important.

I found a site that you can add different models to compare general numbers for folks that don't want to qualify and quantify different magazine results:

0-60 mph (s):
2011 - 335is Coupe: 4.6

2011 - 335i Sedan: 4.9
2012 - 335i Sedan: 5.0

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FYI, that 5.1 is 0-100 KMH (62MPH fwiw) and that's still 0.4 seconds better than BMW tells us.