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Originally Posted by 328i4me View Post
Looks awesome! Any plans on lowering it?
No plans on lowering it for now. I prolly want keep it long enough for that.

Originally Posted by bl@ster View Post
How much did they cost?
I think thet set of rims are $900

Originally Posted by iwannabimmer View Post
The rims look fantastic! How about a few more views from the side?
Originally Posted by onehungevo View Post
No need to lower it. Looks great. Do u have a side shot?
Originally Posted by research View Post
side shot? I think the look has potential.
Ill try to get some more shots up by this weekend.

Originally Posted by Blake P View Post
Nice! How wide are the wheels?
8.5" all around

Originally Posted by wdlv View Post
FANTASTIC. Looks sporty and classy at the same time.

I'm still new to this type of thing and will be looking to get a set of wheels for my winter set. To make these wheels fit you need an "offset" which is a spacer of sorts, right? That is to make the e90/92 wheels fit the f30?

In any case, very nice.
Bolt pattern and everything are the same for the F30. These wheels were made with a 35mm offset in them. I didnt use a spacer, no need for one. These are 35mm 8.5" all around. The stock 19's are 36mm 8.0" front and 47mm 8.5" rear.

Originally Posted by Entropic Artist View Post
Classy... I like 'em. The pictures are nice, but if you can post ones without edit, it'd be easy to judge the finish & color of the rims. May be a close-up

Can you please comment on the replica wheels quality/finish?
Ill try to snap some new pics by this weekend.
The rims seem very well made. Very light weight which kinda worries me because they are not forged. Finish, color, detail are spot on. The color is a lot darker gunmetal in person. Which is GREAT, doesnt have that silverish color!