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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
It's a very good deal. When it's time to upgrade my 7D and 5D2 I'll send them in for C&C. Also, after the dust settles in a few months, I'd like to try the new 600mm and maybe even the 1D X.

Why is your warranty status in doubt? They require the SN to register with CPS, so I'd think that if it were grey market or something that they might give you crap at that point.

Both my bodies are out of warranty, but I have high hopes not to need any service; however, if I do, the discount and the quick turnaround is a nice plus. Oh, the CPS strap is very nice and all the books and info that they send you is very interesting.

My 7D was new when I got it, but it was originally part of a kit and came without the lens. I bought it through an Amazon 3rd party (Loongway Photo (no, that's not a typo)) who is not a Canon "authorized dealer" and is, therefore, the original purchaser. Canon warranties cover only the original purchaser (according to their warranty). I registered it with no squabbles, but I bet they won't cover a thing if it needs work. I'm just hoping it won't.

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