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Originally Posted by E90Fleet View Post
Any of our top members have info on the N26 powered 328i F30 ? SCOTT26 ?
Im not getting much info on where this engine will be used except that there
Also not totally sure what exactly the difference is, other than that there areis a Americas and a Euro version.
some parts differences, like the turbo's used.
And Seemingly Auto only

Guessing it may be for parts where the fuel is not good enough for the N20
Or a M Performance engine ??
Yes, I thought I'd ask BMW themselves on a social network medium. Facebook namely! They were very detailed and helpful in their response, very impressed and happy with them!
So yes, the SULEV (Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle) does have some slightly different components in it.
Here is what I asked BMW UK after I asked BMW Group who very politely told me to go away

"I'm a bit confused with the SULEV engines. BMW Group said to ask BMW UK as you are in the relevant market place. The N20 I believe is a ULEV engine which we will see in the UK, and in the US, they get a slightly different varient of the 28i, which is the SULEV N26. What does this exactly mean? What are the changes and is power/economy affected? Also, why? Is it because of the petrol quality?"

Their reply was:

"The US have strict emission laws that are actively enforced with road side checks forming part of their enforcement agencies daily routine activities. Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicles have measures in place that ensure compliance with the US law.

For example in the rest of the world where it is acceptable, rubber fuel hoses are commonly employed in vehicle fuel systems. However in the US metal pipes are specified as these ensure that fuel vapour and fuel are less likely to be emitted into the environment.
Road side spot checks carried out in the US also mean that emission reducing systems need a robust means of being tested, this not being a requirement in the rest of the world at present. The US version and ECE version of the N20 commonly employ a fuel tank venting system. This system is designed to route fuel vapour formed in the fuel tank in to the engines intake system where it is combusted. However in the US model the system needs a way of being tested for leaks to the atmosphere. Therefore an additional valve is installed in the fuel tank venting system that closes off the venting lines so as a specific vacuum can be applied to them and through this action leaks in the system lines can be detected.

Kind regards
BMW UK Facebook Team"

So there you go, hope that makes you a wiser person!

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