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Thumbs up Love the new anti-smoking ads

I for one think they are brilliant! In this day and age, if you smoke, you're an idiot. Plain and simple. There's no "subjectivity" when it comes to smoking. It's just plain dumb. I always shake my head when I see young people with the stupid stick in their mouth or hand.

I don't think any less of a person AS a person if they choose to do something as asinine as smoke but the decision to smoke is a conscience one knowing full well the risks of doing so which unlike the "risks" of say, skydiving, they aren't so much "potential" and more "assured". And for anyone saying that "life is short" and you may as well enjoy it while you can, I've seen firsthand my father in law with a tube coming out of his throat and nose, drugged to numb the pain and completely helpless and miserable in a hospital bed until his flame finally snuffed out. Pathetic but it shows that those commercials aren't making this shit up.

You smoke? You don't? Let's hear from you.