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Originally Posted by shoptb View Post
What?? An iPhone allows VOICE calls? The younger generation might be shocked by this revelation.

Originally Posted by Micleg View Post
You can buy a 12/230 or 12/110 converter for cheap. Then you can charge anything...
That's either not necessary or it won't help. The problem is that the USB socket doesn't provide enough power to charge the iPad properly.

What you're suggesting would plug into the 12v cig lighter socket. You can get iPad chargers that plug directly into the cigarette lighter socket and provide the required 2.1A/10W output.

Assuming, that is, BMW's 12v sockets can provide 10W of power without blowing a fuse, which I imagine they can. If they can't then a 12v/mains converter would also blow a fuse, so either way there's no need to have a 12v/mains converter and Apple charger cluttering up the cabin.