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Originally Posted by pcbrew View Post
What Line are you ordering?
  • Adaptive M-Sport (2VF) is only available on the Sport Line. It wasn't listed in the "build-your-own" options list the last time I checked but your dealer can order. It's on my 335i Sport Line order sheet.
  • 400M wheels will be the standard wheels for the M-Sport line, which is not available until 2013 model year, production starting in July. They are not available as options on other lines.
  • The only option for staggered tires outside M-Sport are the 19" 401 wheels, but these can only be ordered on 335i (any line)
  • M-Sport brakes are will only be available as option on the M-Sport line, AFAIK.
  • The M Performance brakes should be available as dealer installed accessory
Sport line was the only line I would consider anyway, thanks guys!!!