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Originally Posted by archangel4865 View Post
I believe most (if not all) Mercedes convertible models are hard tops.
Two door mercedes convertibles (roadsters, to be proper) are hard tops. These include the SLK and SL. The new SLS roadster does go with a soft top instead, probably to keep weight in check (though they could have done it F458 style). Four door mercedes convertible are soft tops. For now, there is just the E class convertible. I suspect they will add a C class convertible next generation, and I would not be surprised if it has a hard top to match the BMW 4, but it may well stick with the soft top, especially if the next A5/S5 also does. A CL (S, come next generation?) convertible to match the CL coupe remains fantasy, but if they did build it you can probably bet on a soft top.

I don't know of a single large four-seat hard-top GT convertible on the market. There does not seem to be any demand yet. BMW is simply recognizing this fact in choosing to offer the 6 series with a soft top for the time being. If Mercedes goes to a hard top with the next E class cabriolet, then BMW might switch with their next generation 6 too. But maybe not.
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