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The M3 badge would not go away - they would just be opting to limit it to a sedan going forward. The original two-door E30 was called a sedan by BMW so historical significance would actually be restored.

The M4 will be a new badge for BMW, and will include not just the coupe and convertible but the Gran Coupe as well.

Even with the return of the M6 in the last generation, the M5 was still commonly thought of as vehicle that many M3 owners would aspire to own. The number of doors doesn't seem to be a deterent to that. So I am a bit surprised by how many are so polarized by the door-count of an M3. It will have four of them just like the M5 that so many would also love to drive. Furthermore, I am surprised by how offended some people are by a new badge to aspire to in between the M3 and M5. And with the Gran Coupes, you can now move up to a coupe without losing the convenience of easy rear-seat access.

Once all the products show up and the lineup is complete, people will wonder what the fuss was all about, and realize how insane it would be if BMW insisted on stuffing 6 or more different body styles into one model designation.

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This is not good news. I refuse to accept the soon-to-be fact that the new M3 coupe is going to have a completely irrelevant name. What a waste for one of the few historically significant badges.

Bad move BMW
A gen-u-ine BMW eff-eight-zero with them tandem clutches in the transmission and that dad gum sun roof on the top-a da cawr.

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