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Originally Posted by Mrcarcrazy View Post
It was an apparently failed attempt at humor using a movie line...

You should watch "super troopers". Hilarious movie

in all seriousness, car looks great.
No biggie LOL. Context is often hard to determine in written text. I love comedy, will definitely check out "Super Troopers"

Originally Posted by TiAg330i View Post
Car looks great. Photos look a bit blurry. Were they taken with your phone?

The reason I mention is that some cameras are equipped to make sharper images if you change the settings. I have a Nikon SLR that for some reason takes blurry photos until you make this change. I think they do that for those taking portraits so you don't see all the blemishes on someone's face.

Just trying to be helpful.
Yes, taken with the iphone. I really need to invest in a good camera. I have difficulty spending money on other things than my car

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What tint % is this?
30% front; 15% rear and back

Thanks all for the positive comments. This black is definitely hard to take care of. I purchased a California Duster today. Heard great things about this product. However, I already see a couple scratches on the hood in the sunlight. This is one reason I am glad to be leasing this time around. After 30 months I can turn it in and not obsess over the hood and front bumper rock chips and scratches I do a lot of highway traveling to and from work so its a constant battle with the bugs.