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Originally Posted by wdlv View Post
Great, great pics. I just noticed on the back seats, did you get the cold weather package? I figure for Hawaii it's not necessary, haha, unless you're going up Mount Haleakala. When I went to visit years ago, it can be a 50 degree difference from sea level to the top of the mountain!

BTW, love that havana color so, classy.
Haha yeah I have the cold weather package. I know it's a bit silly but when we ordered the car, we were still planning to move to Europe. In the end we decided not to move but kept the order as it was

It's ok, I often have cold hands and I love the heated steering wheel, and my wife loves the warm seats =)

Originally Posted by vaderone View Post
Svache - I have always bought my cars off the lot. First time I am ordering. My order has been sitting at the Port in germany for about 10 days now.

How long did it take from time the BMW website showed enroute to U.S. to dealership in Honolulu?

Thanks in advance
My car stayed about 7-8 days at the port waiting for a ship, however, the BMW site showed me waiting for about 10-11 days. Your CA can tell you whether or not your car is on a ship already, they can look this up in their system. I had my CA confirm that my car was on board of the ship even before the BMW site was updated

I just checked, yesterday a ship left Bremerhaven, you might be on that one since you've been waiting for a couple of days already. Best would be to call your CA

Btw, you might also like my timeline as reference:

Originally Posted by yerffejleahcim View Post
Svache, thanks for sharing interior pics! Btw, Sirius doesn't cover Hawaii. Tried it on our Countryman before and to fin out it doesn't work here. :-)
That's what I always thought, and in previous years this was indeed the case. However, both Sirius and the dealership claimed that there is coverage in Hawaii now (a Google search showed me that it is indeed covered since last year). I tried Sirius today, of course had some problems. I do seem to be able to download the whole list of channels and see what's playing but I am unable to get sound out of the satellite radio.. had a call with the Sirius tech support today and they were unable to fix it. They don't think it's because of sloppy coverage but possibly an error in my radio. Either way, they will call me back in a few days to see what they can do, I'm curious what they will come up with.. it would be weird if they will tell me "sorry there's no coverage after all", coz then why did they say so before? :S
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